The project is plastic towline proves oneself value below slashing condition

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The Corus Rail company of British Wo Kedui is professional rail manufacturer, already used Yigesi nowadays plastic towline replaced the project indoor go up with the crane outdoor procrastinate your -- because it can be reduced thoroughly,maintain and other is relevant cost. A complete set of is new-style assemble towline system beforehand by solid E4/4 " burden " (HD) the project is plastic towline, aluminous control and guide is mixed to groove " Chainflex " composition of cable of Gao Rou sex, all these special designs are to the application of tall trends can be endured in caustic harsh environment. Company of torrential Corus Rail of British heavy rain asks branch of Yi Gesi England is on its are 17 crane outdoor and 9 indoor crane the project with solid installation is plastic towline system. The rail that Corus Rail company makes releases much quantity of heat, surroundings temperature is extremely high, and Yigesi's towline must satisfy this kind of slashing job to need. Normally these factories are located in foreland, that is to say the crane outdoor must endure blast, seawater, the test of sand and torrential British heavy rain. And, they still need the stability below the damp environment in metabolic multiterminal and high temperature condition to move. System of towline of the first Yi Gesi at the installation 9 years ago. The Demag crane that grows journey application finishs towline system to transform before 8 years, then is used at more cars to transform widely again in the towline 4 years ago in. The towline of these wear-resisting caustic still is moving nowadays, very reliable. According to the view of Corus Rail company, it does not need any stopping machine defend time. Contrarily, according to workshop worker report, pull made component to need to often be safeguarded (as a result of corrode and be worn away for a long time) , safeguard at the same time it is very difficult also to rise - maintain and necessary maintenance work needs ability of lifting platform of travel of peace of scaffold of have the aid of to finish. And use project is plastic towline plan, want to undertake periodic routine is checked only, ensure towline does not suffer injury and cable to be able to go correctly stress is OK. Be located in the Corus Rail steelworks of British Wo Kedui: Yi Gesi " assemble towline " the system has been installed go up in 17 crane outdoor, replace what need often maintains before to procrastinate your. Yi Gesi towline " E4/4HD " use at burden to applied new-style crane to assemble Yigesi newest and improved " E4/4HD " towline. Because towline is used " aperture is sold " join means, bear the weight of the area increased 120% . Sold diameter increases 45mm from 40mm, its length also increased one times, increased 8mm from 4mm. Because increased to wear away significantly the surface, the intensity of towline material and service life also got remarkable addition. This makes clear in Gao Zaihe's dirty environment (like steelworks, cement plant, compost processing factory, dock, coastal processing factory) , "E4/4HD " it is the good program that long distance high speed runs. Ply of its side panel increases to 29 from 22mm.

5mm. And inside tall (80mm) and outside tall (108mm) keeps changeless, make its are even below circumstance of high add load still but smooth safety moves. Use in harsh environment: Firm " E4/4 " burden towline, "Chainflex " CF9 of cable of sex of special Gao Rou and CF10 cable: Although be in extremely harsh environment,also can running freely to be in what plastic towline traditional Chinese clothes writes the project is particularly comfortable at the application outdoor " Chainflex " group of cable of Gao Rou sex. It by " CF310 " dynamical cable, "CF9 " and " CF10 " control cable and " CFLG " cable composition, use successfully already on hundreds RTG crane. Because used the TPE jacket of tall wear-resisting, although be in,like British steelworks the cable in such harsh environment also can run freely. These cable fight ultraviolet radiate, apply to - 35 ° C comes + the temperature limits of 100 ° C, can resist coolant, lubricant and biology are eroded oilily. The Quan Xiangbing of screen cable is my can amount to 90% , suit towline system tall trends to move particularly, satisfy the requirement of EMC high security. Towline uses at indoor crane: Here rail releases much quantity of heat, environmental temperature is extremely high. The user is evaluated " installation, also need not be in charge of it again next " new-style towline system with " assemble towline " means carries Corus Rail company, personnel of technology of branch of Yi Gesi England is in charge of field assembly. The profit that such doing is to make installation time least, scarcely any valuable production time come the loss reduce cost. Richi Profitt, the electronic engineer that has worked 35 years in Corus Rail company says: "' assemble towline ' the system is worth to trust, need not any maintaining. In addition, its after service also handles any product issues quickly. " Profitt continues to comment on: "With respect to 24 hours of uninterrupted production character, apply this towline system to be able to make productivity the biggest more change. Your place must is to install this towline system, also need not be in charge of it again next. " " this is one is worth to trust avoid maintain system " - the electronic engineer Richi Profitt that has worked 35 years in Corus Rail company (right) with Yigesi England sells engineer Neil Prescott. CNC Milling