Skip of material of changeover difficult treatment cuts the current situation, realize efficient treatment

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Cool as the promotion of machine tool equipment and high pressure (HPC) of the system apply, turning stainless steel, super alloy and material of other difficult treatment become more easy. In a lot of application, low-pressure and cooling, cooling condition flows in extensive, the productivity after using advanced cutting tool can promote 20% or more, life of every cutting blade can promote one times. If be on this foundation, promote cooling pressure to come merely 70 ~ 300bar, treatment potential can be obtained again promote considerably. In fact, use appropriate high-pressured refrigeration cutting tool, the growth that harvests quantitative class dimensions in cutting blade life and productivity respect. From turning difficult treatment the newest progress of material of alloy of super alloy, stainless steel, titanium begins. In groovy refrigeration premise falls, brand of alloy of razor blade of newer thick car is Yi Sika IC6015, when processing 316L stainless steel, every cutting blade machines work number to increase 10 from 4, cutting efficiency promoted 20% . Same, use brilliant of Yi Sika IW7 to must enhance alloy of hard high temperature of turning of razor blade of pottery and porcelain to get ameliorative, it is especially in rough machining application. In fact, in rough machining and semifinishing machining application, life of this kind of razor blade compares tower above of hard alloy razor blade 8 times to 10 times. Because cutting rate is high,new ceramics razor blade can bear and the tall heat in metal cutting of generation, this heat in metal cutting but bate is machined material, bate tungsten chromium is for instance cobaltic alloy. its application defends the turning below the circumstance at unmanned value super alloy shows outstanding dependability. Control heat in metal cutting and cut bits figure nickel radical alloy, cobalt radical alloy belong to tall agglutinant, long the material that cuts bits, design structural alteration through bit, the heat in metal cutting in can controlling treatment better and the appearance that cut bits. Even if is cooling without high pressure, the razor blade that processes this kind of data also needs to have coating of sharp cutting blade, slick surface, heat-resisting and high strenth to coil bits chamfer. This kind of combination can come true to break bits quickly, drive cut bits to be far from bit and cutting area; Avoid to cut bits felt to make to cutting blade bit overheat, or cause because of cutting bits to adhere to again cutting and influence workpiece is machined exterior quality. The hardness that cut bits is gotten higher than mother capable person much, more fragile than mother capable person also, because this rose doubly again of cutting ruinous. If undertake high-pressured refrigeration is machined, cooling fluid (boiling point 350 ℃ ) still present fluid appearance, can maintain its lubricity, cooling power and cut bits to erode ability. In addition, the efflux discharge enough below high-pressured refrigeration condition is formed in cutting area " hydraulic pressure wedge " , reduced attrition greatly, reduced the numerous consequence that brings because of attrition. The ground of use force of new cutting tool uses new cutting tool to be able to reduce the difficulty of material of turning difficult treatment. Razor blade of Yi Sika IC6015, design M high strenth coils bits chamfer, use bundle of demon technology (SUMOTEC) have CVD coat. Below stable cutting condition, IC6015 razor blade is having precision work to M10-20 material / in successive cutting treatment, of bit fight flake sex of gender, the blade that fight collapse gets ameliorative. Bundle of demon coating technology that fastens bit to use the coating after the belt to handle completely, this technology You Yisi blocks initiate, carry out a proof, compare original coating and application, cutting tool function rises 30% . The IC6025 brand that Yi Sika is about to roll out, have as similar as IC6015 character, agree with to undertake to M15-25 material rough machining or intermittent treatment. Helix blade establishs outfit razor blade (HELITURN) reach bit of helix blade paper-cover (HELITURN LD) , have big before blade of horny helix cutting, big feed, double-faced, agree with alloy of turning stainless steel, nickel radical and titanium alloy. Razor blade of helix blade paper-cover contains sharp cutting blade, HM or M4MW high strenth to coil bits chamfer, make its have larger dominant position when processing agglutinant data. Helix cutting blade makes feed retreats a knife lighter, the help reduces bit the damaged in this link. Big before horn is proved to be able to reduce cutting power 10% , this returns what do not involve life of opposite yield and cutting blade to optimize. Differ with razor blade of most pottery and porcelain, brilliant of Yi Sika IW7 needs new name of pottery and porcelain to be able to be used at the rough machining of super alloy, semifinishing machining. Exceeded hard alumina matrix to ensure its to show tall wearability when processing oil hard data; Combine SiC brilliant beard, more strengthened bit of pottery and porcelain fight concussion tenacity. Because high speed treatment brings about cutting area to produce tall heat in metal cutting,this razor blade still can bear, this heat in metal cutting even but bate is machined material. Come from the material of high temperature alloy such as alloy of heat-resisting of treatment Inconel 718, nickel radical to pledge the report of eddy turntable shows, compare at razor blade of other pottery and porcelain, effect of the treatment after using this to strengthen bit of pottery and porcelain got the improvement of materiality. High-pressured refrigeration technology although we had heard of use high pressure to cool (HPC) the profit that the technology brings to cutting treatment, be afraid meet as before evasive it, evasive add equipment newly cost and because of " have not test and verify " brought technical uncertainty. But in fact, HPC technology already obtained good test and verify in industry of aviation industry, energy industry and turbine treatment. On one hand, the report of the person that carry out is mirrorred, be in not below the premise of life of loss cutting blade, productivity promotes 2 times to 3 times; On the other hand, in order to pay close attention to the report report that cutting blade life gives priority to, in identical metal purify ratio requirement falls, cutting blade life is 7 times original. And these test reports all come from treatment titanium alloy and component of turbine of chromic ferronickel alloy inside component of airframe of alloy of the circle outside Kong He, titanium and all sorts of stainless steel components. To a few original years, adding equipment cost newly is the true state of affairs probably. Going up century the fifties, to the factory character, main shaft rotate speed is not high, cooling pump power is insufficient, these external condition limitted the development with cooling high pressure. But nowadays, main shaft of high rotate speed and high-pressured refrigeration pump already became the groovy and optional configuration that manufacturer of numerous machine tool can offer. Besides the domain that machines stainless steel and super alloy, high speed treatment is being applied in numerous treatment in gain ground quickly. "High pressure is cooling, be in order " cutting tool nowadays, "High pressure is cooling, be in order " exclusive cutting tool already more and more be accepted extensively. When material of the product is not mark that makes special geometry appearance and physical character, embarrassed treatment is being ordered to undertake high-pressured refrigeration is produced for the client in tool supplier, of the standard exclusive high-pressured refrigeration cutting tool (the JETHP series that is like Yisika) had realized same function -- cooling current classics is perforative the cooling passageway of cutting tool, from nozzle concentrated eject goes out be like the efflux that stimulates beam of light, pass an imperial examination of nonstop cutting area 2 cut an area. Here, cooling fluid implementation is cooling, lubricant, form " hydraulic pressure wedge " , final put oneself in another's position is right now cut bits can accuse a gender to go up, broken cut bits to come even small bit, C bits. And bit also was reached to have cooling effect to cutting tool in the process that cooling fluid reachs cutting area by cooling pump. The limits of cooling fluid pressure of true high-pressured refrigeration cutting tool is 70 ~ 300bar. Want to acquire optimal cutting property, must use high-pressured refrigeration cutting tool, and the standard cutting tool that carries cooling channel can't be competent this task, its difference is main body is the following now at 2 o'clock: Cooling efflux from after nozzle is ejective, essence of life locates efflux eject is nodded definitely, nozzle diameter decided to eject the dot generates correct cooling fluid pressure. High-pressured refrigeration and groovy and cooling distinction as using the difference of dynamoelectric spray gun and water of gush of use garden conduit. Experience and proposal regard the maximum pressure that has experience as cooling tool supplier, yi Sika has the research of enough development to this domain, offer the following proposal: (1) use hard alloy cutting tool. Razor blade of pottery and porcelain and CBN razor blade machine medium function to promote in high-pressured refrigeration not very remarkable. (2) cooling fluid needs to shed classics cutting tool. Do not try to realize high-pressured refrigeration efflux with traditional and cooling form. This deviate the original intention that high-pressured refrigeration machines, did not gain the profit that high-pressured refrigeration brings. (3) if need greater cooling fluid pressure (when cooling fluid vaporization, evaporate, bring about erode when the cooling flow that cuts bits is insufficient) , can increase cooling fluid flow, is not to increase cooling fluid pressure. (4) the experience data that estimates cooling discharge demand is 0.

5gpm/ horsepower. That is to say, in high-pressured refrigeration treatment, cutting power is 10 horsepower, what need cooling fluid discharge to be 5 gallon / minute. CNC Milling