The technical application in the car is decorated inside the model

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With model Dai Gang enters car industry to produce, reach in the technology economically in pairs benefit. But in last few years, project of adornment of spare parts surface innovates ceaselessly, already entered application to develop level, close with Injection Molding 2 for the new technology of one -- IMD, apply extensively at car production. As social development, people asks to rise ceaselessly to product surface illuminative. Accordingly, the workmanship of of all kinds product develops quickly, final demand is quality province of good, material, bad news actor of much, environmental protection reachs can little, yield cost is low. In recent years, abroad develops a kind of new technology -- the adornment inside the model. Decorate inside the model (IMD, in-Mold Decoration) already will presswork namely the adornment sheet that has shaped puts the standard that note model inside, be in plastic inject next shape the reverse side of sheet, make plastic the technology that shapes into solidify of an organic whole with sheet joint. This craft obtains what what need to make an appearance and measure not only, still can gift the physics with make an outside range certain, chemical, electric reach feel to decorate project action. Be applied increasingly in the different product of each industry by the architect. Model the applied purpose in the car and current situation are in abroad, every car already used the project that exceeds 100Kg plastic, auto industry " with model Dai Gang " principal port is as follows: (1) the benzine of 60% is used up in the car self-prossessed. Bad news oil is too much, freight cost is high. Every reduce car weight 10% , oily bad news also will reduce 8%10% . (2) with model replace metallic stuff, can drop a car apparently self-prossessed, promote travelling speed thereby. (3) raise car appearance the illuminative is luxuriant with colour. The application of plastic material in the car includes car interior trim, car exterior trim, car structural member. This coating will adjust the function of coating action of the protection since the spare parts, adornment action, mark action and other and special effect. Express 1 car interior trim protective action is in daily life, the of all kinds production of our place bring into contact with and life appliance, equipment, it is mostly by of all kinds and plastic, lumber, cement and metal are made and become, their regular meeting happens: Plastic meeting gets smooth with hot action degradation, ageing; The action with gas of easy be affected with damp be affected with damp, microbial lumber and mildewy, cankered; Cement can get the action of insolation, drench and hair decency, craze; The metal can be mixed in the environment by caustic medium, moisture of the oxygen in air erode and corrode action and damage. Express 2 cars exterior trim adornment action comes with all sorts of color beautification article, beautification life and working environment, this is the need on human affection, it is the person's nature, coating deserves very easily to give thousand about a hundred kinds of color, add brightness of coating level off, can make all sorts of results that establish constitutional move even, if hang down,mix light of grain, orange grain, brilliant grain, glitter bead, colorfully fleece-faced etc. Adornment effect is admirable, add construction method advantage, people likes to decorate beautification with coating most accordingly all sorts of appliance, article and surroundings, make everybody is experienced the United States and enjoy comfortable. Nextpage expresses intention of mark of 3 cars structural member people often lightness a few kinds of colour with tall, sharp contrast, be like red, orange, yellow, green, blue, white and black etc, use in pipeline of project of traffic administration, politics, chemical industry and container, large or special type undertakes marking on mechanical equipment, indicate road transportation, cause people vigilance, avoid dangerous accident to happen, ensure the safety of people. To certain product, the enterprise often also uses some kind of special colour to decorate, gift certain and symbolic significance and connotation. The graph decorates application to fill up special effect coating at steam saddle inside 1 model besides gift outside a few kinds of afore-mentioned common functions, still be like the special function of below 6 big fields: (1) mechanical function. Wait like coating of wear-resisting coating, lubricant coating, shock-proof sound insulation. (2) hot function. If show Wen Tu makings, high temperature resistant coating of coating, fire prevention sound insulation. (3) electromagnetism function. Like electric coating, guide electrostatic coating, electromagnetic wave absorbs coating, insulation coating to wait. (4) optical function. If give off light coating, firebug optical coating, glance coating. (5) chemical industry can. Be like acid-proof, be able to bear or endure coating of alkaline land, oil resistant, be able to bear or endure water coating, cold-resistant coating. (6) biology function. Be like anti-fouling coating, mouldproof coating, concealed body coating. These special effect of coating, enhanced the performance characteristics of the product, widened scope of application. The graph decorates what application installs at the besmear inside door handle model to shape inside 2 models outfit of the besmear inside the model of automobile body of technological process car shapes technological process is: Put an account plastic → heats pressurization shapes → of modular → Injection Molding leaves to heat after → sclerosis pressurization makes goods will shape to take out Nextpage to pursue after solidify of coating of coating solidify → the adornment inside 3 models applies within horn housing model to decorate list below the application in the car: (1) seat cushion. Inject plastic choose PP, coating film is PUR plastic, can make seat cushion surface is gifted tall wearability and tall flexibility, increase practical with luxuriant sex. (2) door handle. Inject plastic choose ABS, coating film is PUR plastic, can make door handle surface is gifted tall wearability and fight press a gender, increase mechanical function and intimacy. (3) horn housing. Inject plastic choose ABS, coating film is PUR plastic, can make horn housing spare parts is gifted tall tigidity and sound insulation sex, increase durable sex and practical. (4) chimney. Inject plastic choose PS, coating film is PUR plastic, can make chimney surface is gifted to give off light gender and glance quality, increase glitter to use a sex, adornment effect is admirable. (5) cistern. Inject plastic choose PP, coating film is PUR plastic, can make cistern spare parts is gifted tall tigidity and reduce ageing effect, increase dependability. Outfit of the besmear inside the characteristic model that the graph decorates application to install a technology at the besmear inside car chimney model inside 4 models is like next characteristics than common spray: (1) coating heats inside the model, pressurization and solidify does not need dry add hot cell to wait for device. (2) pressurization makes empty by fill, but leave out burnish or blow be bored with child etc. (3) reduce defective goods amount. (4) use coating solid share is 100% , VOC is 0, without social effects of pollution, do not need environmental protection processing, accord with environmental protection requirement. Visible, IMD accords with the requirement such as low carbon of 21 centuries car, energy-saving, environmental protection, satisfy oily bad news low, speed is high, decorate luxuriant, colourful, human nature to change, the condition of intimacy. CNC Milling