Shallow talk " toss blueprint " design digitlization in the round with production enterprise

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What is informatization and digitlization, whether to realize informatization to be equal to be digitlized at coming true? This is the issue that implementation enterprise must want understanding to be clear about in comprehensive informatization process. The article parts to digitlize as compositive as the system, craft to design information to digitlize as compositive as the system isogon to spend from information of the relation of informatization and digitlization, design, for us illuminate of relatively detailed ground " toss blueprint " the similarities and differences that designs digitlization with rigid production business. Plan to the near future of informatization of our country manufacturing industry according to ministry of national science and technology, somebody puts forward recently " toss blueprint " (with " throw drawing board " different) view, how to understand " toss blueprint " , the relation of it and informatization, digitlization how? Whether understand these problems correctly, with the technical course of informatization of manufacturing industry enterprise will be mixed henceforth the compositive moving count for much of enterprise informatization, a few idea and everybody put forward to discuss below. Informatization and digitlization mention manufacturing industry informatization, people can say enterprise informatization includes products plan informatization (CAD) , craft designs informatization (CAPP) , manufacturing management informatization (ERP) , production makes informatization (CAM) , blueprint archives manages informatization (the PDM with inchoate DFM) and enterprise decision-making informatization, floorboard CAX+ ERP+CRM+SCM. Also having informatization of person manufacturing industry is production digitlization of digitlization of products plan digitlization, technology design digitlization, production management, production, managemant decision digitlization. Informatization and digitlization are what relation after all, is informatization digitlization? Will see the impact of information and number above all. 1.

Information is in science, information both neither is material, also not be energy, it is the metabolic degree of all courses that material and energy produce in the universe, also can say it is the condition of the means that the thing is or motion, and the direct or indirect expression of this kind of means or condition. In epistemological, information is considered as a person to know the magnanimity of degree to external object. In systematic talking, information is considered as a system inside, outside the special form of connection. Information can be felt by observer, identify, put store, deliver, show, analysis, processing and cite. 2.

Data data is the form of a kind of expression of thing, concept or instruction, it is the symbol that the record comes down to try to differentiate. 3.

Information is the result that machines to data, data is a kind of information carrier, information does not follow load of its physical medium change and change, but data differs as a result of what write down carrier, can show different form, if imprint on paper, the record is waited a moment on magnetic material. Usually, people does not try to distinguish strictly to them, call data processing information processing, say informatization into digitlization, but below the case that develops in informatization development, if incorrect both undertakes distinguishing strictly, can understand hard to some problems, if use CAD technology to have products plan, whether to realize products plan informatization, perhaps realized products plan digitlization? According to the definition of above, the direct or indirect expression of the means that information is thing existence and this kind of means or condition, products plan is the process of the product that describes user demand, the format figure that uses a provision and file description give the product of user demand. By the format figure that describes products plan provision with plot tool artificially and file, a kind also be information, but the news that the graph that such formation and file cannot make digitlization, means of only useful number will design format graph of the regulation and file, ability calls the graph of digitlization and file. Current, the computer that we use is a digital computer, its are a foundation with digital computation, this means any information to must be digitlized, the products plan that completes with CAD accordingly can call digitlization. The place on put together is narrated, informatization meaning is more extensive, the information place that includes to be not digitlization is denotive thing category. And digitlization bureau be confined to uses a number denotive thing category. At present informatization is to point to the informatization that uses the computer, its are a foundation in order to digitlize necessarily. 4.

The development of the purpose IT of informatization and digitlization and computer technology promoted contemporary world to make technical progress, advanced production technology is the application of IT and computer technology in production domain for the most part. The purpose of production enterprise informatization and digitlization is to transform make a technology with what raise a tradition, for company application advanced production technology, contented product innovates and pattern of growth of economy of the informatization demand of administrative innovation, change provides support. Design information digitlization and system are compositive 1.

The digitlization of origin design information that designs information digitlization originates the application of CAD technology. CAD system outputs the graph on computer screen and technical file, output groovy blueprint, file with plotter, printer, in computer interior the data that is all sorts of formats, its design process and output graph and technical file was digitlized. 2.

The digitlizes requirement convention CAD technology that the system designs information below compositive condition already entered the category that designs information digitlization, alone to traditional products plan requirement (blame is compositive) CAD system, groovy CAD technology can have satisfied a requirement. The change of the development of field economy and industry competition element is ecbolic the requirement that enterprise correspondence uses IT, emerge in large numbers gives a series of administrative informatization technologies such as a series of CAX technologies such as CAD/CAPP/CAM and MRP/MRP-II/ERP. Management of the product development as a result of traditional business, production is by enterprise interior departmental door divides the work undertake, mutual between file of paper of to in an attempt to, craft, technology, plan, statistic, forms for reporting statistics, receipt and all sorts of announcements, conference organizes company production to manage for the method. Begin " toss blueprint " , " the watch that throw account book " after demonstrative project, because CAD/CAPP/ERP is respective detached, of information of data of management of the product development that this kind of primary informatization cannot solve traditional business, production share, system cannot compositive move, cannot produce the optimal result of enterprise informatization. To this, production company takes the road gift with compositive system only " break out of an encirclement " . In the system compositive requirement falls, the output of CAD system cannot be single paper blueprint and form file again, data of data of graph of CAM system need, CAPP need treatment, data data, assemble concern data, ERP still needs product structure data, outside buy component data to wait. Alone (blame is compositive) although CAD system had reached the design a few files to digitlize, but alone (blame is compositive) CAD system cannot satisfy the requirement with compositive system, must undertake transforming. Because,this is: It is uses digitlization format disorder; 2 it is its state the method is given priority to with graphical data, have its limitation; The 3 enterprise informatization systems that are other had excogitated the means of a few valid descriptive product data and method, and the CAD system that these means and method want to adopt pair of convention only undertakes transforming, the data that can realize CAD system place to need data and place generation and other system place require data share; 4 be considering to perfect data of a few information to exchange a standard on international. (1) the purpose with compositive CAD of CAD and CAM and compositive CAM is when using the automation device such as numerical control machine tool, machining center, make numerical control process designing (NCP) software can be read take CAD graph data, carry out production digitlization. Already fashioned a variety of CAD/CAM package at present, can come true without seam compositive. ISO of world Organization for Standardization already issued STEP standard, formulate the expression of data of product of product data model and commutative standard, the expression of will progressively unified CAD and CAM product data and exchange. The company can solve CAD and CAM compositive problem through buying off-the-peg CAD/CAM package. (2) data of graph of CAD system interior and the compositive CAD system that design data of file, form are given priority to with finishing a graph to design, but for complete description product, still must offer design file, form, if the description on assembly drawing is concerned,assemble place to require component data, the place that describes the place of product or component to want component, bought-in component and standard component and product or part needs general part, grafting part to wait. Design plot and form a design file, form is compositive the main purpose that moving is CAD system interior, the system should achieve this one goal, must improve current CAD software, method of type of set prescription of form of data of column of the tagging that goes up to the graph, caption undertakes improvement, use database technology, build the database that describes product data, the interconnection that solves data of column of the tagging on the graph, caption and product database concerns, implementation data is shared. (3) the purpose with compositive CAD of CAD and CAPP and compositive CAPP is can use when designing staff technology file, read the graphical file that takes CAD to already was formed and data, design of the technology that finish and file weave. Technology design and file sort are as follows: A.

The data of spare parts major attribute of the part drawing that CAD of craft course need outputs and digitlization (plan bugle call, name, material requirement of qualitative, heat treatment) , product stock detailed account, spare parts classifies encode. B.

The data of spare parts major attribute of the part drawing that procedure need CAD outputs and digitlization (plan bugle call, name, material qualitative, heat treatment asks to wait) , the spare parts classifies encode. C.

The data of spare parts major attribute of the part drawing that CAD of need of material norm computation outputs and digitlization (plan bugle call, name, material qualitative, heat treatment asks to wait) , spare parts over all dimension, spare parts is suttle. D.

The data of spare parts major attribute of the part drawing that CAD of need of man-hour norm computation outputs and digitlization (plan bugle call, name, material qualitative, heat treatment asks to wait) . E.

Tool designs the part drawing that needs CAD output. F.

CAD system needs the craft information that CAPP exports, undertake DFM/DFA. (The product that the compositive ERP of 4) CAD and ERP runs the digitlization that needs CAD output, component (assembly parts) major attribute data (the) such as date of plan bugle call, name, architect, design, the composition that still wants product, part (the spare parts that belongs to, bought-in component, standard component) plan bugle call, name and amount, date of architect, design, date of expiration is the core that makes BOM list. In addition, the major attribute data that still needs to belong to spare parts, bought-in component, standard component to wait (plan bugle call, name, material requirement of qualitative, heat treatment reach date of architect, design, date of expiration, become ITEM to express) of medium a few fields. CAD system needs the data such as ERP inventory, price, cost. Digitlization of technology design information and system are compositive 1.

The origin craft that technology design information digitlizes designs information to digitlize the application of traceable CAPP, the applied traceable of original CAPP becomes the application of group technique, become to realize what craft designs group change, standardization, change the working position of technologist, decrease duplicate work. As a result of the application of CAPP, procedure is traditional paper file not simply, still became the data that computer interior stores. 2.

Information of design of the technology below compositive condition digitlizes the system demand (1) the indispensible file that the digitlization craft course of craft course information is traditional tissue production, also be the indispensable data such as cost of unit of plan of production of unit of ERP serviceability balance, arrangement, computation. (2) the digitlization procedure of procedure is workshop of norm of formulate computation man-hour, arrangement, team and group (unit, machine tool) the basis that exercise plans, also be the main unit of cost of computational working procedure. Arrangement workshop, team and group also is likewise when running ERP (unit, machine tool) the basis that exercise plans. (3) the digitlization of material norm this is next makings before treatment must data, also be the fundamental data that demand of ERP product raw material plans. (4) the digitlization man-hour norm of man-hour norm is to press formulate of every working procedure, it is the fundamental data that various production plans formulate also is moving ERP, the annual plan of the enterprise points to on, fine point to workshop, team and group (unit, machine tool) work plan, also be the basic data of cost of computational working procedure, quality-related cost. (5) the digitlization tool design of tool design data and products plan are similar, so its digitlize demand and products plan digitlization kind with. The technology that obtains above requirement only designs information to digitlize, talent is enough not only solved CAD/CAPP mutual (two-way) the data between is shared, compositive move, what also can realize CAPP and ERP is compositive move. "Toss blueprint " the requirement that whether can you achieve a design to digitlize? 1.

Rigid production business whether achieve " toss blueprint " ? This problem should concrete analysis. If be to point to whole industry, should reply " deny " , not only at present impossible implementation does not have paper mill, full in the future implementation does not have paper mill impossible also, can do CIMS initial stage at this o'clock to ask implementation does not have paper mill to fail and instead obtains evidence in the experience of measurable automation from the United States. Nevertheless, if design, craft is reached,be in inside narrow range between the administrator that does not work in the spot, "Toss blueprint " can come true completely. 2.

"Toss blueprint " be equal to a design to digitlize? Had defined in front the overall objective that designs digitlization and requirement, pure carry " toss blueprint " the concept cannot include to design digitlization in the round, pure " toss blueprint " what can solve CAD/NCP/CAM only is compositive. The comprehensive digitlization that designs information only and the comprehensive digitlization that craft designs, what just can realize CAD/CAPP/NCP/CAM/ERP/CRM wait a moment is compositive. Conclusion from this knowable, only " toss blueprint " the comprehensive digitlization that comprehensive understanding is the comprehensive digitlization that designs information and technology design, ability achieves the goal of enterprise informatization. Pure " toss blueprint " what understanding is CAD/CAM is compositive, likely misdirect enterprise informatization, generation and " throw drawing board " and " enterprise informatization calculates with financial report for core " same undesirable consequence. CNC Milling