The application of CNC controller technology in mould manufacturing industry

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The development of CNC technology is quite rapid, this improved the productivity that the mould machines greatly, among them the core that the CPU with operation quicker speed is CNC technology development. The improvement of CPU is operation speed not just rise, and the improvement that speed itself also involved technology of other respect CNC. because in last few years CNC technology produced so big change, just be worth us to be in to current CNC technology the applied circumstance of mould manufacturing industry makes an overview. Program block handles what time and other treat rate as a result of CPU to rise, and CNC manufacturer uses high rate CPU height compositive in the CNC system that change, the function of CNC had marked improvement. Those who react faster, more acute system comes true is higher program processing rate not just. In fact, a system that can handle spare parts machine program with quite high rate resembles processing system of a low speed likely also in moving process, because even if the CNC system with complete function also is existing a few potential problems, these problems control the bottleneck that machines speed into in the limit of likely. What at present most mould factory realizes high speed machines need is time of shorter machine program processing not just. In a lot of respects, of this kind of circumstance and racing bicycle drive very similar. Can the racing bicycle with the rapiddest rate win the contest certainly? Even if now and then the audience that just watchs car game knows to eliminate rate beyond, still a lot of elements are affecting the result of the match. Above all, car hand is very important to the understanding degree of circuit: He must know where has make a radical change, so that can appropriate ground decelerate, adopt curved method safe and efficiently thereby. In using tall feed speed to machine the process of the mould, CNC waits for technology of treatment contrail monitoring mediumly to be able to get the information that acute curve appears beforehand, this one function is having similar action. Same, car hand is acute to movement of other vehicle hand and the reaction that cannot determine an element the number that the servo in degree and CNC feedbacks is similar. Feedback of the servo in CNC basically includes positional feedback, speed feedback and voltaic feedback. Drive when car hand when circling circuit travel, behavioral continuity, whether the adroitly brake, it is very main to face an expression to having effect that waits for pair of car hands quickly. No less, the bell form of CNC system is quickened / decelerate and wait for function of treatment contrail monitoring to use slow quickly / decelerate will replace abrupt speed change, quicken smoothly of the machine tool in order to assure. Divide this beyond, cycle racing and CNC system still have the place of other likeness. The power of cycle racing engine is similar to the actuating device of CNC and electric machinery, the weight of cycle racing can place on a par with the weight of the moving link in the machine tool, the stiffness of cycle racing and intensity are similar to the intensity of the machine tool and stiffness. The ability that CNC corrects error of specific ways and means and car hand have control cycle racing the capacity inside driveway extremely similar. Another with at present the circumstance of CNC likeness is, those speed are not the fastest racing bicycle often needs the car hand with full-scale technology. Only high-grade CNC ability was in in the past high speed cutting while assure taller treatment precision. Nowadays, the function that medium, cheap CNC place has completes the work satisfactorily likely also. Although high-grade CNC has the optimum behavior that can obtain at present, but also existing this kind is likely, namely the cheap CNC that you use is had with the like high-grade CNC fabricating characteristics in congener product. In the past, restricting a mould to machine the element of highest feed speed is CNC, today is the rigid structure of the machine tool. Below the circumstance that already was in function limit in the machine tool, better CNC also won't make function rises again. It is current under the immanent character of CNC system a few basic CNC in mould treatment process are characteristic: 1.

The blame of curvilinear curved surface is even justifiable B batten (this technology uses NURBS) interpolation the means of edge curve interpolation, is not to use a series of short will plan add up to a curve point-blank. The application of this one technology has comparatived general. The CAM software that a lot of mould industries use at present offerred an option, create the part program of NURBS interpolation format namely. In the meantime, the CNC with powerful function still offerred function of 5 axes interpolation and the character related to this. These function improved the quality of exterior precision work, those who improved electric accident travel is smooth degree, raised cutting rate, make spare parts machine program smaller. 2.

The CNC system of smaller instruction unit great majority delivers motion and the unit that fixed position dictates to not be less than 1 micron to machine tool main shaft. In make full use of after CPU handles ability to improve this one dominant position, the unit of the smallest instruction of system of a few CNC can achieve 1 accept rice even (0.

000001mm) . After dictating the unit is 1000 times more contractible, can obtain taller treatment precision, can make electric machinery moves more smoothly. What electric machinery moves is smooth make below the premise that a few machine tools can not increase in lathe bed vibration, move with taller acceleration. CNC Milling