The cutting tool solution of cutting titanium alloy and heat-resisting alloy

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The company rolled out Shanteweikekeleman to be used brand-newly at the cutting tool solution of titanium alloy and treatment of cutting of heat-resisting alloy material recently. When step of turning of half rough machining, the new-style Xcel cutting tool that wins patent has on the structure before a lot of advantages that place of onefold cutting tool does not have: The razor blade of 80 ° of ① has tall accessibility to mix easily the characteristic of process designing, compare with the photograph of square razor blade of 45 ° tool cutting edge angle, can decrease wear away; ② and photograph of lozenge razor blade are compared, reduced groove to wear away, raised cutting rate; ③ has treatment corner in order to build the capacity of complex form; ④ cutting tool is in suffer be restricted very tall accessibility is had in the space; ⑤ can undertake in two direction cutting is machined; ⑥ and photograph of round razor blade are compared, reduced radial cutting force, cutting ply is constant. Have type of two kinds of razor blade, it is at cutting deepness applicably 0.

The cutting of intermediate working procedure of 5 ~ 3mm. Can provide 3 kinds of different names, these brands already were in by the proof ISO - superior cutting performance is had on S material. CNC Milling