A few kinds of ways that public errand of the dimension in AutoCAD tags

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Dimension public errand is a significant technical demand in mechanical design, using when using machinery of AutoCAD software scale to pursue, often encounter the situation that tags dimension public errand. Design personnel needs to search watch of national level extreme deviation according to code name of dimension public errand, the extreme deviation that finds out this dimension is numeric, tag in the graph according to definite pattern. Have the following kinds of methods normally to realize this one requirement, sum up as follows now: Way 1: Use AutoCAD to offer " size type manages implement " the dialog box installs what current measure tags a style to replace a form (if pursue,1 is shown) . Graph 1 tag modal management implement the form that   sets noncombatant duty in replacing a form is extreme deviation or symmetrical deviation, input deviation numerical value and deviation character height and position next. The dimension that replaces a style to tag with this will contain the tolerancepublic errand written language of a setting, till abolish this type,replace. If want to tag different dimension public errand to need to repeat afore-mentioned processes, build a new form to replace. What need points out is the default that must use a system to give out in the user in this one unit process of cargo bandling basic measure text, otherwise the system does not grant to tag deviation, tag basic measure only. Tag the job to cause inconvenience with respect to what give the dimension of the user error so. Way 2: Use AutoCAD " editor of word of much style or manner of writing " the literal pile function of the dialog box adds tolerancepublic errand written language. Tag in dimension in commanding executive process, show all right when the command " appoint dimension line position or [word of much style or manner of writing (M)/ character (T)/ angle (A)/ level (is H)/ perpendicular (does V)/ rotate (R)]: ? The pen goes straight towards  Ge " , v " editor of word of much style or manner of writing " dialog box (if pursue,show 2 times) . Input fluctuation deviation numerical value directly and use a symbol " ^ " space (for example: + 0.


02) , next the character that pitch on inputs, the pushbutton that clicks dialog box toolbar to go up makes pile of tolerancepublic errand character can. In the dialog box " <> " the default text version that the symbol represents this measure, can delete directly, revise. OK to the editor of pile character pitch on clicks mouse right key after this pile character, choose in playing the quick menu that go out " characteristic " , if the graph is shown 3 times,open " pile is characteristic " the content that the dialog box can modify pile character, content such as size, position. Graph editor of many 2 character pursues the public errand that this kind of method compares dialog box   to use AutoCAD directly tags 3 pile character the function wants handy, can use at linear to tag, note to Qi Biao, straight (half) diameter is tagged and angle is tagged, but cannot use at base line is tagged and be being tagged continuously. Two kinds of methods need to search dimension deviation to be worth artificially in front, cannot implement the automation of design and plot, use in designing the job actually rise to still be shown trival, we are mixed in the education of AutoCAD software in use process, the settlement with the better method that uses development 2 times this problem. Way 3: Tag automatically what use AutoLISP language process designing to realize common difference (1) . Programming thought     AutoLISP is inside embed a kind of watch at AutoCAD to handle a language, can visit graphical database directly, undertake operating to the graph through revising graphical data, it is the powerful tool of capability of processing of augment AutoCAD graph, we were used when designing a program modular structure, the functional goal that should achieve the program differentiates to write two main functions to inquire and be noted, use DCL language to design program interface. The main program builds the base in interfacial driver, will realize its function through defining corresponding callback function. Use AutoCAD " Appload " the command undertakes lading to the program, lade after the success, advocate function name can be used as the command of AutoCAD. Program flow chart is shown 4 times like the graph, program interface is shown 5 times like the graph. The user chooses to need to add the dimension of tolerancepublic errand first, the program obtains the basic measure numerical value of this dimension, show the dialog box offers an user next direct data-in or choice inquiry means, call a subprogram to record the tolerancepublic errand text version that keeps this measure finally. Begin to choose dimension to show the dialog box abandons ending dialog box program to stop call preview picture subprogram to input deviation numerical value to input format of setting parameter public errand to inquire input character height is noted certainly by hand keep extreme deviation figure 4 programs flow chart pursues 5 programs interface (2) tolerancepublic errand. If use exterior database to undertake data stores when inquiring data, need to use the document intermediate, rate is slower. "Express " it is the most commonly used data logging tool in AutoLISP, structure of the data that use a list can establish group of 2 dimension, three-dimensional much even dimension according to needing compose; The retrieval that uses a list function is OK apace undertakes to the watch data is extracted. To the powerful processing of the watch ability is another ground that we choose AutoLISP. We press dimension section to design the basic difference chart in national level the form that expresses into AutoLISP, inquire to shorten time built list of a 2 dimension respectively according to aperture, axis, transfer into the watch when the program moves through variable memory. Each element in the watch is included deviation mixes next slanting to need numerical value. Social estate of basic measure, public errand is used in inquiring module, cooperate code name to regard an input as parameter, get margin is worth the dimension of the place slanting, thereby fish the fluctuation deviation of this dimension is numeric. Inquire the statement is as follows: ... (Setq Pc (nth M (nth N Pcb))) (setq Pc_s(nth 0 Pc)) (setq Pc_x(nth 1 Pc)) ... Pcb is difference chart, m, N is the dimension that gets according to inputting parameter, pc_s, Pc_x is to go up respectively, next deviation values. (3) of tolerancepublic errand noting those who because the program is used,write   is the measure that adds noncombatant duty to the dimension that has tagged, is not simple note write Text text version, adding the tolerancepublic errand character that go up and original measure text version so is a whole, the substance that such is about that use AutoCAD visits a technology. AutoCAD gifts in plot process a draw is hypostatic grade of a number, call a plan yuan renown, it is to point to by AutoCAD retentive the finger of file of an inside data. Adopt a plan yuan a database record that AutoLISP can find this substance, undertake the processing of all sorts of means to entity. The graph of the dimension that the program returns user place to choose through Entsel function yuan renown, obtain the definition data of dimension substance by Entget function next, among them group code the dimension text that the content of 1 is user input, through undertaking modification to its, the numerical value that adds fluctuation deviation can achieve our goal. Among them partial code is as follows: ... (Setq Updata(strcat "A1;" Jbcc "{H" Gdxs "x;" "S" Pc_s "^" Pc_x ";}")) ; Jbcc is the basic measure numerical value of this dimension; Gdsx is the height of tolerancepublic errand character. (Setq Updata (cons 1 Updata)) (setq Dimobj(subst Updata (assoc 1 Dimobj) Dimobj)) (entmod Dimobj) ... content of   group code revises the beard after finishing to update graphical database with Entmod function, makes modification gift can be shown come. This program is debugged on AutoCADR14, AutoCAD2000 through, covered full measure to tag means, can raise the rate that dimension tags greatly. A few kinds of approaches that the article summarized last word   to undertake in AutoCAD dimension public errand is tagged, tag automatically what how realize dimension common difference with the method of process designing especially. AutoCAD is a general plot platform, the development that has all sorts of major application programs on this foundation can improve working efficiency greatly, this also is the place with the most absorbing AutoCAD -- in its the open sex on powerful function foundation. CNC Milling