Research and development of dragon spy machine gives technology of heat treatment of vacuum of carpentry cutting tool and deep cold technology

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To get used to the strict requirement of standard of international environmental protection, the uses the abidance with raw material integratedly to furnish circular economy concept of lumber already promoted lumber to machine the high speed development of the industry. From this, research and development of institute of especially mechanical cutting tool gives sunshine a huge extinct reptile the vacuum heat treatment of carpentry cutting tool and deep cold technology. This technology already applied in product of cutting tool of dragon spy machine, what will appear on shortly to will be held is dozenth an international woodworker and exhibition of furniture production facilities / dozenth in an international furniture fittings, material and wood exhibition. As we have learned, technology of heat treatment of cutting tool vacuum has a series of outstanding advantages: Vacuum heat treatment has the effect of antirust. The surface does not oxidize, not decarbonization, have the reductive effect that divide rust, the rough machining working procedure of dispense with cutting tool, but managing and high cutting tool steel products is used up with what Yuan Fucai expects, save handling time, reduce product cost; Vacuum heat treatment has vacuum to take off gas, defatted action not to have hydrogenous clear risk, the appearance that avoids metal of difficult frit of cutting tool material is fragile change, make purity of surface of cutting tool material rises, the fatigue strength that increases cutting tool, plasticity and tenacity reach corrosion resistance, improve the service life of cutting tool; Vacuum heat treatment is had quench be out of shape small, can reduce convention to quench corrective stress puts metabolic in, reduce bit to use the possibility that ruptures in the process, the is out of shape the bath that it is salt quenchs 1/2-1/10 of razor blade of vacuum heat treatment, after quenching, do not need commonly corrective but essence of life grinds treatment to finished product; The stability of craft of vacuum heat treatment and repeatability are good. Once technology is certain, want to input process only, heat treatment operation will move automatically. Avoid craft of groovy heat treatment not to stabilize the cutting tool quality that cause to fluctuate; Vacuum heat treatment bad news report is little, electric energy is used up 80% what be groovy heat treatment, manufacturing cost is low, but one-time investment cost is big; Rate of safety in operation of vacuum heat treatment, automation is high, working environment is good, free from contamination does not have social effects of pollution, accord with the demand that cleanness of business of our country industry is produced and expands continuously. The application of deep cold technology on cutting tool product is industrial application evolves and come from the mould. Deep cold treatment and heat treatment are same, it and material are characteristic, handle temperature, processing speed has very big concern, its effect has different processing technique to differ apparently. Deep cold technology is right material is in under - a kind of technique that 130 ℃ have handling, deep cold treatment can improve the mechanical function of cutting tool and service life significantly not only, stabilize dimension, improvement uniformity, decrease be out of shape, and the operation is handy, do not destroy workpiece, free from contamination, cost is low, to cutting tool quality rise have very great help. CNC Milling