Nitrogen changes carbon to exceed the application of hard coating technology

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Wuhan university Peng Yougui teachs each expert, everybody leads: I change carbolic task to study group and Wu Dahong on behalf of Wuhan university nitrogen firm new material company is reported to congress. The title that I report today is " nitrogen changes carbon to exceed the coating technology application in metallic cutting domain " . The mankind knows the best thing on the world thousands of years is diamond, say namely for diamond. So is indefatigable all the time effort being searched have better than diamond thing to exist? The material that did not exist to obtain a kind of nature in the past is the method that uses fried dish formula, go in practice increase and decrease is certain element, pass a trial 100 thousand times, it is longer even the result that just gets satisfaction. Develop as the high speed of science and technology today, especially of quanta theory and large computer come out, changed a tradition to study the way of material thoroughly. Can go up from theory beforehand undertake computer simulation, it is purposeful next in practice go searching, the nitrogen that we show what studying and had realized industrialization changes carbon to exceed hard coating material, do not exist in nature, use result of calculative of this kind of method namely. 199O year theory of chemistry of the physics of scientist application solid such as the Cohen of · of M · L of American California university, quanta and computer technology, designed nitrogen to change structure of carbolic compound crystal artificially from atom and molecular level, calculated all sorts of its function, the system that discovers him runs to modular quantity is close to or exceed diamond, because corporeal hardness and system pattern estimate direct ratio, this shows this to material is close to likely or exceed diamond penetrate hardness. This one result is announced on American physics comment, cause the attention of scientist of material of world each country, research and application were lifted on international new-style the upsurge that exceeds hard data, search production method actively. University of American haing Buddha taught the person such as C · Niu to evaporate with laser 1993 high pure carbon and nitrogen are atomic bundle of spray photograph union, obtained nitrogen successfully to convert carbolic crystal film. But this kind of method is not practical, ① area is too small. ② laser is too costly. ③ crystal is growing freely when synthesis, also have soft simple look among them, the hardness that such getting is not tall. Then we analyse method of this kind of direct synthesis to cannot be taken, put forward independently: If think on the metal the surface gets bedding face accumulates nitrogen,convert carbolic crystal film, must have an environment that fits nitrogen to change carbolic crystal to grow, force brilliant to change theory and method namely. This one idea, we are running type furnace at first be able to confirm in the experiment. As a result of this one result, be approbated in what domestic and international person of the same trade gets after international authority magazine is published and admire. Get the support of branch of science and technology of country, province, city, school, label a key to study a project. ④ passes effort of nearly 10 years to experiment repeatedly, try as a child, industrialization tries in, obtain a few delectable positive result, declared two nitrogen successfully to change carbon to exceed good film to invent patent. In include physics of international authority magazine domestic and internationally to comment on B, applied physics A on publish a paper many 50, SCI statistic abroad cites 50 for many times. By 1999, equipment tried to pass the expert appraisal that province committee of science and technology chairs in, this technology has assess international is advanced level, have wide market perspective. To accelerate this gain fast translate into produces a technology to serve, 2000, we established Wu Dahong for the foundation with patent technology firm new material limited company, the nitrogen that develops a the first stage industrialization to produce changes carbon to transcend machine of hard coating plated film and product line of complete set automation. This engine is main the principle is in vacuum room outside target and blame balance magnetism accuse the mutual and alternant much arc ion that accumulates of many bedding face on the wall splash shoot high pure black lead target. They produce the metallic ion of a need and carbolic atom severally, ionic, very strong plasma division is formed in workpiece surface, workpiece is in in planetary form moving process, in its the surface forms multilayer and alternant nitrogen to change carbolic film and nitrogen to convert metallic film. Machine of our plated film and compare domestic and internationally with photograph of machine of type plated film, have following advantages: Some plated film machines are average a plating monolayer or 2-3 layer, the velar layer ply that can be us is 3-5 Naminei, be comprise alternately by 1000 nearly 3, the sex defying a turn with be had better than monolayer and be able to bear or endure rub quality. Abroad has technical photograph to compare, at present foreign nitrogen changes carbon to exceed application of hard coating technology to still be in phase of research and development, return end to obtain economic condition. Because we used a metal to pass,film is mixed force brilliant to change a method, make our combinative strength and exterior hardness exceeded existing level of abroad greatly. With current domestic and international TiN of general plated film cutting tool, tiC, zrN, wait for photograph comparing, their diamond pyramid hardness is commonly between 15-30GPa, we are OK hardness of batch production work is 40-50GPa, highest to 72GPa, exceed the level of highest value 64GPa that abroad reports. This plated film machine is the machine of TiN plated film in the tradition undertake improvement on the foundation, should change titanium in traditional nitrogen only (copy gold plating) our patent technology and special technology are added on the machine, OK the plated film cutting tool of batch production high quality, improved the dominant position that industrialization popularizes. Operating costs and traditional manufacturing nitrogen change titanium photograph to compare, cost is about the same. And our service life is TiN, 3 times of ZrN. Be not 10 times of plated film cutting tool, (ever achieved for test specimen with twist drill 67.

8 times satisfactory result) because nitrogen changes carbolic coating film to have good mechanical physics property, and superhigh adds exert oneself, make our product is in home is more welcome, already was in now ministry of general assembly of the Chinese People's Liberation Army 3303 factories, one of our country's biggest automobile industry base 22 minutes of factories of subordinate of company of group of east wind automobile, 49 minutes of factories, derv engine factory, factory of bridge of assist fencing car, shanghai Hengjiu is industrial, the unit such as sincere international group gets Hong Kong annals welcome extensively. Our product is divided now in cutting tool, mould respect develops social benefit and economic benefits, also be in at the same time perpetual development market, in other industry promotion, be like home appliance, spin, war industry, aerospace, 2002, our sale gives Hong Kong annals the plated film chance of sincere international group, be get on film application to dynamoelectric and tonsorial hair-clippers, their advertisement: Return good bit than diamond; It is aerospace ministry is plating 511 to exceed be able to bear or endure forcedly rub the layer is to apply on runner shaft. Come a few years, because the market is popularized, dog the service is insufficient, what our industry does is not quite big still. In 3 years, our sales revenue 721.

20 thousand yuan, taxes 109.

90 thousand yuan, realize gain 175.

40 thousand yuan. Our connecting with the boxing skill is great now great firm new material company purchases land inside garden of Wu Dake ability 35 mus, built first phase factory building, the manufacturing workshop of 1500 square metre, two full automatic product line, opportunity of two large-scale production, machine of a small-scale test. 2001, obtain ministry of national science and technology fund of innovation of medium and small businesses 2002, torch of level of state be includinged plans 2003, approval of state committee of planning includes a country new material of industrialization of new and high technology special demonstrative project. Our company gets the care of leader of school leadership, provincial Party committee and leader of state committee of science and technology, be in now construction the building of research and development of 6 1000 square metre, when predicting to 2005 demonstrative project is finished, will fashion film cutting tool, mould and mechanical component 6 million: Coating equipment year of 20 productivity, can achieve sales revenue 100 million yuan. Knife assist to me company facilities progress gives huge support and consideration. Vice-president Comrade Gao Xiang arrives at Chinese Dao Xiechang Wu for many times my company is direct; Horse of expert of famous cutting tool learns ceremony director to become the senior adviser of my company; Hubei saves a knife assist member unit is us base of best metallic cutting experiment, I thanks along with all the others on behalf of the company! We these are mixed for a long time the teach person of atomic, nuclear contact with, in domain of metallic cutting technology it is recruit however. I invite each expert that be present to visit my firm directive work cordially, participate research, make technique of this new student gives gain of plentiful and substantial in the knot in the application of metallic cutting domain! Thank everybody! CNC Milling