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Normal > is machined, surely little not the cutting tool with top-ranking quality. And see all sorts of advanced cutting tools, if where,perfect effect is released in effective treatment production. Normal >High Quality Cutting Tools Are Necessary For A Perfect Cutting Process.

Let ' S Check Out The Enormous Benefits That Advanced Tools Can Bring To The Practical Production Processes.

Safety: The PENTA Dual of milling cutter of new fund side of the versatility that PENTA Dual of face milling cutter reveals a product and economy Safety is general-purpose milling cutter, every razor blade deserves to have 10 cutting blade (double-faced) , efficiency gets promotion, accordingly the cost of cutting blade is reduced significantly. Besides, the razor blade of main body adds PENTA Dual negative horn to innovate design, make the product is had before cutting angle of horn. Arrive from rough machining semifinishing machining, 5020 and 5050 these two kinds had checked too and try cut timber to match character travel of 3 kinds of chamfer can process almost all and commonly used data (ISO Materials P, m, k, n, s And H) . Be attributed to before cutting angle of horn and smooth cutting treatment, the machine tool of low even power is likely also profit from PENTA Dual. Cooling fluid aperture arrives directly at cutting blade, improve cutting tool service life. PENTA Dual real case one: Carbolic steel treatment adds workpiece material: S355 workpiece type: Board kind a cutting tool brand: Safety-PENTA Dual blade counts: Diameter of 10 cutting tool (Mm) : 63 tine count (Z) : 5 cutting speed (Vc: M/min) : 140 revolution (N: Tr/min) : 357 cutting deepness (Ap: Mm) : 3 cutting width (Ae: Mm) : Feed of 80 every tine (Fz: Mm) : 0.

15 feed lead (Vf: Mm/min) : 428 material purify leads (Q: Cm3/min) : 103 handling time (Min) : 37.

Life of 5 cutting tool (Min) : The 36 JabroTM series milling cutter that contain CVD diamond film are actual case 2: Austenite stainless steel processes workpiece data: 1.

4301 (X5CrNi18 10) workpiece type: Brand of special cutting tool of stainless steel spare parts: Safety-PENTA Dual blade counts: Diameter of 10 cutting tool (Mm) : 125 tine count (Z) : 8 cutting speed (Vc: M/min) : 227 revolution (N: Tr/min) : 1, 148 cutting deepness (Ap: Mm) : 0.

8 cutting width (Ae: Mm) : Feed of 40 every tine (Fz: Mm) : 0.

113 feed lead (Vf: Mm/min) : 648 material purify leads (Q: Cm3/min) : 21 handling time (Min) : 0.

Life of 83 cutting tool (Min) : 25 Ma handkerchief: HFS interface and HX razor blade reduce cost to be in high demand or intricate work treatment for the user, the applied concept of cutting tool of new-style low cost becomes particularly important. Choose appropriate cutting tool, if be in crock of lid valve housing washer and its tracheal treatment, can reduce cost considerably. Puissant the of about 50% cutting tool cost in be being gotten in the crock to cover treatment is expenditure on the spiracle housing washer in pulverous metallurgy material and its conduit treatment. Rise as what workpiece asks, bring about the addition of application of material of metallurgy of tall hardness powder necessarily. Below most circumstance, hard alloy regards cutting as material general no longer so suit, those who replace is the PCBN with higher price. High accuracy requirement put forward to cutting tool further requirement: Must want to so that make engine is achieved,have the alleged and sealed area with an angle extremely high precision on housing washer very tall pressure light than; Of housing washer and conduit homocentric degree as much very important. Achieve these to ask the design that has a lot of kinds of cutting tool can choose. In the past, crock lid is to be in normally running water is online undertake machining. Conduit is to use the reamer of unit of feed of a join to pass a guide-post bushing to regard as guide recommend a treatment; And housing washer is type cutting tool spreads out to machine with in same process. But the wide application that smaller and smaller housing washer, conduit still has machining center, make this kind of performance steady in the past but take up dimensional huge cutting tool designs suitable scope smaller and smaller. At present typical machining center includes two swords with cutting tool design, machine conduit to guide namely leave hole and prior operation housing washer and finish machining housing washer and conduit. What use at first is cutting tool of type of an organic whole, be used at machining housing washer solder so that repair,PCBN razor blade takes axial adjustment after grinding, continue to use. Above all, the tracheal reamer that applies MAPAL HFS interface at joining large housing washer machines cutting tool and slightness. This alters make the reamer application about form of diameter, reamer more agile, among them reamer form has adjustable Chan Ren reamer and much blade reamer can offer an alternative two kinds. And the difficulty that HFS interface still reduced cutting tool to repair greatly. Like be the same as HSK interface, HFS interface gets extremely tall stiffness and crossing-over precision through cone and end panel. Below proper condition, it makes one pace treatment finishs a cutting tool first become a possibility. Optimize the bit proceed with that is about to machine housing washer to machine cutting tool from these then again, housing washer needs to machine inside and outside to pour horn and sealed belt. The axial that before we use the razor blade of hexagonal HX PCBN that shares 6 cutting blade to replace, mentions adjusts bit. Razor blade of housing washer rough machining is fixed, and razor blade of treatment of its sealing ring is mostly adjustable. Essence of life grinds all of these HX razor blade to pass and reach clip of special pressing plate to hold by the bit chamfer of high accuracy, very reliable. Adopt right choice cutting stuff and point form, in some application they can improve cutting tool life from 2, 000 to 10, 000 Kong Meiren. When the blade that if bit decorates treatment to differ,different position uses when horn, a razor blade can be used 18 times at most. Because be in,the abidance of machine treatment and respect of cutting tool technology progresses, the sheet that builds the crock nearly 10 years treatment cost halve has become a possibility. And spiracle housing washer and its tracheal treatment are its critical factor more. an use MAPAL new technology machines the example of plan of whole of this kind of spare parts recently, its cutting tool and finished cost were reduced 70% . Nextpage hill is tall: The JabroTM series milling cutter that the solution of advanced cutting tool of material of aviation of efficient, tall accurate cutting contains CVD diamond film can be reduced wear away, special at multilayer the composite material such as carbon fiber and fibre glass and high-powered industry are plastic (get together for instance PEEK of ether aether ketone) and of beehive material without burr (coping and bottom) outline of milling of profile modeling of mill of treatment, side, 3D, mill and mill chamfer operation. What Seco Jabro rolled out whole set to process different composite material is brand-new cutting tool, all cutting tool all are the diamond DURA coating of special treatment composite material. Blame mark shapes milling cutter of cutting tool pineapple basically is used at processing different composite material, have extensive versatility. Milling cutter of low helix angle basically is used at machining fibre glass and carbon fiber, can divide will use for 2-3 layer. Zun Xuan / dextral milling cutter basically is used at machining carbon fiber and fibre glass, zun Xuan / dextrorotation can offset axial cutting force, eliminate treatment burr thereby. The milling cutter that break bits basically is used at processing beehive material and sandwich data; Still have milling cutter of head of a kind of ball, basically use at copying, be like the treatment of landing gear. Only with Zun Xuan / dextral cutting tool is exemple, in Boeing the airframe composite material of 787 has been used in great quantities above treatment, the workpiece appearance that treatment gives does not have any burr, the life of cutting tool more surmount a competitor 50% . In addition, research and development of hill tall cutting tool gives precision work of a kind of newest long cutting blade solution of titanium alloy milling cutter. Knife of cutting of standard of this cutting tool is long for 5 times diameter, blade grows to differ from 40-180mm. The main characteristic of this cutting tool is cut to be in deeply of 5 times diameter super- cut greatly fall greatly, assure to machine exterior verticality and surface roughness, this application on the product such as landing gear and engine bracket is very wide. Suzhou A Nuo: The whole of metallic cutting is solved and make of the cutting tool that be not mark quickly puissant get tine of hard alloy ball to had been used normally be filled with cooperate to cooperate aperture to solder body, quality demand is extremely high, the dimension precision of aperture is tall, exterior surface roughness is quite strict. It is Cr-Ni-W or Cr-Ni-Mo alloy steel character as a result of solder system ability again, hardness is tall, intensity is high, wearability is good, be hard to machine, bring to the treatment that cooperates aperture quite difficulty. In FELSOMRT flexible in FHC180 of gear hobbing center, LMT SpeedCore " fast cut king " hob in order to exceed gear of high speed cutting. Successful case: Treatment mine is mechanical, solder provides treatment characteristic: Exterior surface roughness can achieve Ra0.

8 the following; Be by treatment aperture consistency 0.


003; Circularity 0.

005; In the light of hard alloy ball tine cooperates aperture, can reduce ball tine norms effectively. Cutting tool characteristic: Cutting tool is special design, 15 ° helix angle, r of point of a knife transfers processing, made sure the treatment of aperture asks. Machine tool model: Model of cutting tool of MAZAK machining center: D10.


05 common and puissant get treatment data: 45CrNiMoV opens blind hole: Blind aperture hole depth: Type of 10 Mm knife handle: BT40 cooling condition: Emulsion machines rotate speed: 1, 275 R/min machines feed: 153 Mm/min machines the effect: Admirable blame mark shapes mark of cutting tool blame shapes cutting tool applies extensively at hydraulic pressure industry of piece of a powerful person, its workpiece characteristic: Treatment aperture a flight of stairs is much, shape the face is much, precision asks difficulty of tall, treatment coefficient is tall; Characteristic of its cutting tool: Produce relevant size much, difficulty is tall, detect use high energy special device whole amount accuses to measure etc. Piece of a powerful person is equivalent to the engine of the car in project machine, have drive high structure of precision of muscularity of smooth, output, fixed position is simple, apply extensively at all sorts of project machine, forklift to wait. Successful case: A powerful person of hydraulic pressure industry piece model of treatment machine tool: Model of cutting tool of DMG50H horizontal machining center: Shape reamer processes data: 45# opens blind hole: Type of blind aperture knife handle: HSK63 cooling condition: Speed of emulsification oily cutting: 60 (5) M /min machines feed: 0.

2 (0.

01) Mm/r machines the effect: Metalworking of blue banner of contrast of around of admirable gear cutting: SpeedCore " fast cut king " raise cutting rate 50% exhibit in CIMT 2013 on the meeting, the SpeedCore that key of Nanjing blue banner exhibits " fast cut king " the wide attention that causes media and audience. Its focus depends on, with SPEEDCORE " fast cut king " can will original cutting rate rises 50% , this will bring distinct benefit for the user. Well-known, what do taller efficiency and maneuverability mean to gear cutting. The hobbing cutter that material of traditional pulverous metallurgy high-speed steel makes (PM-HSS) cannot make the machine tool achieves top cutting rate, the hear resistance that the reason depends on PM-HSS material is finite, make cutting speed can be restricted only inside certain limits. And SpeedCore " fast cut king " because hob used a kind to have the cutting stuff with taller brand-new hear resistance, broke through traditional limitation thereby. La Zhi SpeedCore " fast cut king " cutting tool material is comprise by cobaltic, molybdenum and free carbon, with traditional PM-HSS material photograph comparing is having better hear resistance, and still maintaining the tenacity with traditional original material. The admirable sex that the most crucial is this kind of new material depends on a kind of newest accept rice technology, already metallographic organizes sclerosis. Through the real test to function, this kind of new-style hob reached the function range of hob of integral hard alloy when undertaking limiting value detects. And when the test is done on actual part, although cutting speed achieves 350m/min, return the cutting length that can achieve 7m, and cutting tool temperature maintains inside normal limits. This traditional to PM-HSS material is the target that reachs impossibly. Those who make a person surprizing is, exhibit in CIMT 2013 likewise on the meeting, speedCore " fast cut king " what hob is being succeeded to apply at FELSOMRT is flexible on the YD3120CNC machine tool of limited company of 2 plane gear machine tool, the audience can see the treatment of SpeedCore hob demonstrates directly accordingly. According to introducing, with SpeedCore " fast cut king " treatment modulus 2.

5, 28 tine, facewidth 37.

Rate of the cutting when 5mm gear rises successfully on original pull current Cheng 30% . CNC Milling