Gear pump is common of breakdown eliminate

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Current, CB-B gear pump is applied in dump truck and project machine clutch operation more, now its common breakdown is reached eliminate methodological introduction to be as follows, offer reference. 1, the account that produces vibration and noise and eliminate (what the pump housing of pump of CB-B of 1) induction air ① gear and lid of two side end are direct contact is hard sealed, if the flatness short of of interface sets a requirement, criterion pump is easy when the job induction air; Same, the end of pump also is direct contact between lid and gland, air is invaded easily also; If gland is plastic products, damage as a result of its or be out of shape because of temperature, also can make sealed and lax and enter air. The method that eliminates this kind of breakdown is: When the requirement that sets when pump housing or the flatness short of that pump builds, jin Gang can be used on flat arenaceous make a round trip by "8" glyph course abrade, also can go up in planar grinder grinding, make its flatness does not exceed 5 μ M, need to make sure the verticality of its plane and aperture asks; To pump lid and the leak that gland is in, can use the adhesive such as coating epoxy resin to undertake sealed. ② uses framework type oil seal to undertake commonly to pump shaft sealed. If block the bedspring of close lip ministry to fall off, or turn over oil seal outfit, or its lip ministry is pulled injury, ageing, will make oil seal back end often is in negative pressure condition and induction air, can change commonly new oil seal gives solve. Oily capacity is insufficient inside ③ gasoline tank, or oil absorption nozzle was not inserted to fat face the following, pump is met induction air, oily fluid should complement to come inside past gasoline tank right now oily graticule; If answer oily nozzle to show oily side, also can make air turns over rinse to enter a system because of negative pressure of the instant inside the system sometimes, answer vitta mouth to also should be inserted to fat face commonly so the following. The installation position of ④ pump is apart from fat face too tall, reduce in revolution speed especially when, because the vacuum that oil absorption antrum is necessary spends unwarrantable pump,cause oil absorption to be not worth and induction air. Should adjust the opposite height of pump and fat face right now, make its satisfy formulary requirement. Oil purifier of ⑤ oil absorption is jammed by contamination or its capacity passes small, bring about oil absorption obstruction to increase and induction air; Additional, into, larger possible also area enters the line of action of mouth giving oil air. Right now, can clean oil purifier, or choose relatively high capacity, and the oil purifier with proper way of imports and exports. Such, not only can prevent induction air, still can prevent to produce noise. (Because disagreement sets a requirement and the join of pump of ① of 2) mechanical reason and shaft coupling produces vibration and noise. Answer to ask to adjust shaft coupling by the regulation. ② is entered because of the contamination in oil the component such as gear is brought about to wear away to be pulled and produce noise inside pump. Should change oily fluid, strengthen filter, ravel pump is cleaned; Serious to wearing away gear, must be repaired or change. The spare parts inside ③ pump damages or wear away to will produce vibration and noise badly: If teeth shape error or error of week red-letter day are big, two gear contact is undesirable, tooth flank surface roughness is tall, out of tolerance of length of public law line, tine backlash is too small, the osculatory area of gear of two clench the teeth is absent reference circle position. Right now, can change gear or grind tine wheel pair. In the meantime, journal of axis of the damaged of needle roller cage of bearing, accident and needle roller wear away etc, all can bring about bearing to rotate not free and produce mechanical noise, need to tear open long gear pump right now, change needle bearing. ④ gear axial assembles clearance too small; The burr before the slip joint face between gear end panel and around end lid is being assembled because of gear fails to keep clear of carefully, joint side is played when running thereby, make inside leak is big, bring about output discharge to decrease; Contamination enters pump inside the injury is pulled to coordinate a side inside the between space that gear end panel and around end build wedge, because appear to radial pulls the groove of the injury and connect,bring about high low-pressure pitch, make output discharge is reduced. Do not use rehabilitate of the following measure to afore-mentioned circumstance part of one's job. Tear open solution gear pump, increase axial clearance to grind namely appropriately the end panel that wears gear; Trouble end panel of the rear cover before making the same score and gear end panel with planar grinder, the burr on cleared teeth of a cogwheel (cannot pour horny) ; The deepness measure that carries chamfer of carry on one's shoulder of the discharge on Gai Jiduan face via the around after planar grinding can have change, answer to increase breadth appropriately. (The viscosity of oily fluid of 3) other reason also is met high generation noise, must choose the oily fluid with appropriate viscosity. 2, oily Wen Gao of ① of output discharge inadequacy will make its viscosity drops, inside leak raises, make pump output discharge is reduced. Should find out a reason to take step; To in high-pressured gear pump, must examine sealing ring whether damaged. Exorbitant or the viscosity that ② chooses oil is too low, the output flow that all can create pump decreases, the oil that should use viscosity qualification is tasted. Pump of ③ CB-B gear can not invert commonly, if pump housing outfit is turned over, will cause pressure oil pocket and oil absorption antrum are local short receive, make its discharge decreases to be not sucked even on oil comes. Right now, should check pump change direction. ④ engine rotate speed is insufficient, cause discharge to reduce. Should prove a cause and try to eliminate. 3, rotate not clearance of free ① axial or bottom clearance are too small. Try to adjust make repairs and supply replacements afresh. There is contamination inside ② pump. Disintegrate with cleared eyewinker. ③ is assembled have by accident. The two treatment datum plane that sell aperture are not gear pump assemble datum plane, if infiltrate peg first, screw again bolt, pump can turn to be not moved. Accurate method is, the edge twists close bolt by the side of rotational gear pump, deserve to get finally sell aperture and infiltrate peg. The coaxial of ④ pump and engine shaft coupling spends difference. Coaxial is spent should assure to be in 0.

1mm less than. The spare parts inside ⑤ pump not demagnetization. All spare partses before assembling all need demagnetization. ⑥ needle roller covers off quality or needle roller ruptures. Repair or change. ⑦ job oil outputs a mouth to be jammed. Cleared eyewinker. 4, calorific ① causes gear pump to rotate not each reason of free all can bring about gear pump to give out heat, eliminate a method to also can consult its are carried out. Exorbitant or viscosity of ② oily fluid is too low. Pick oil afresh. ③ side panel, axle sleeve and gear end panel chafe badly. Repair or change. ④ environment temperature is high, gasoline tank volume is minor, medicinal powder heat is undesirable, can make pump calorific. Part of one's job manages somewhere else. 5, the rehabilitate of main part (tooth form of 1) gear ① repairs: Be pulled with fine emery cloth or oilstone eliminate or already the place of form of wear much arris, have position of exchange of face of gear clench the teeth is opposite grinding appropriately again, clean clean finally; Wear away badly to what can observe with naked eye, should give change. ② end panel repairs: Gear end panel because with bearing or around covers opposite roll and wear away, light when the line since the meeting, usable and abrade method grinds trace of burr having a line go and polishing; Wear away serious when, answer to put gear on planar grinder to undertake repairing grinding. Should notice: Two gear must be put on planar grinder to undertake repairing grinding at the same time, the purpose is to make sure the ply difference of two gear is inside limits of 5 μ M; The verticality that must assure end panel and aperture at the same time and the parallelism of two end panel all are inside limits of 5 μ M, pour acute side with oilstone blunt, but must not pour wine cup, accomplish without burr, flash can. ③ wears away when the surface of clench the teeth of gear when, applied oilstone will wear away the burr take out of a generation; In the meantime, the azimuth of clench the teeth of exchange gear, make so not the tooth form surface that clench the teeth works undertakes clench the teeth works, can assure its original character of service not only so, return the working life that can prolong gear. (Of pump housing of 2) pump housing wear away, basically be in lumen and gear the circle is conterminous touched that one side, and happen in oil absorption side more. If pump housing belongs to semmetry model, can retroflexion pump housing; of the 180 reoccupy after spending if pump housing is belonged to asymmetrical model, need to use eletroplate of the aperture of lumen of methodological rehabilitate pump housing of bronze alloy craft or brush plating wear away place. (Of housing washer of bearing of 3) bearing housing washer wear away to be in commonly that one end panel that contacts with gear and contact with needle roller inside on aperture. When end panel wears away or drawing the line since wool, can put 4 bearing housing washer on planar grinder, it is with that one side that does not contact with gear fiducial will pull wool end panel to grind smooth, its precision should assure to be inside limits of 10 μ M. Bearing housing washer wears away commonly lesser, if wear away serious, but abrade; Or increase bore diameter appropriately and choose afresh match needle roller; Or change bearing housing washer. (4) is long, short the axis is long, short axial invalidation, advocate if be in,connect with needle bearing touch place appear wear away. If wear away slight, can use polishing rehabilitate (change new needle bearing) ; If wear away serious or break off, need to use rehabilitate of plating chromic craft, or new treatment. When be being machined afresh, the requirement of the parallelism of the line of keyway countershaft heart that must satisfy long, short axis to go up and symmetry; Hold the smooth key on the axis and gear key seat cooperate clearance to all cannot pass big; The axis must not produce radial to swing in the aperture inside gear; Journal and the coaxial that install gear part to cooperate the surface are spent must not be more than 10 μ M, the coaxial of two upright journal is spent must not exceed 20-30 μ M. CNC Milling