Principle of CNC Milling job and structure are classified

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CNC Milling is the numerical control machine tool with very powerful function of a kind of treatment, the machining center that at present rapid development rises, flexible treatment unit is the generation on the foundation in boring machine of CNC Milling, numerical control, both cannot leave milling way. Because technology of numerical control milling is the most sophisticated, the technical problem that need solves is most also, accordingly, people is when the software system of research and system of development numerical control and automatic programming language, also regard a key as milling treatment all the time. CNC Milling is main wait for composition by system of saddle of lathe bed, milling head, fore-and-aft workbench, transverse bed, lifting platform, electric control. Can finish basic milling, boring, auger cut, study the work such as whorl and automatic job loop, can machine the cam with all sorts of complex form, example and mould spare parts to wait. The lathe bed of CNC Milling is fixed go up in base, use at installation and bearing machine tool each component, there is chromatic LCD, machine tool to operate on console pushbutton reachs indicator light with all sorts of switch. Fore-and-aft workbench, transverse smooth board installation is on lifting platform, mix through electric machinery of electric machinery of fore-and-aft feed servo, transverse feed servo perpendicular litre fall the drive of feed servo electric machinery, the feed of coordinate of the X that finish, Y, Z. Installation of electric equipment ark is at the back of lathe bed pillar, control a share of electric equipment among them. CNC Milling rises by workbench of anatomical classification 1) fall this kind of CNC Milling uses type CNC Milling workbench shift, litre fall, and means of main shaft immobile. Small-sized CNC Milling uses this kind of means commonly. Head of 2) main shaft rises fall this kind of CNC Milling uses type CNC Milling workbench is fore-and-aft with transverse shift, and main shaft edge hangs down to smooth board move up and down; Main shaft head rises fall type CNC Milling maintains in precision, bear loading capacity, system is formed wait for a respect to have a lot of advantages, already made the main trend of CNC Milling. Main shaft of this kind of CNC Milling can be in CNC Milling of type of 3) dragon door of dragon mast transverse with hang down to smooth board on motion, and dragon mast makes fore-and-aft motion along lathe bed. CNC Milling