Essence of main shaft of the machine that insert tine determines a method

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In the light of main shaft of the machine that insert tine exact location asks, tried to be close to switch fixed position, coder early or late 0 pulse fixed position and NC answer 0 fixed position way of 3 kinds of orientation, result of the experiment method to these 3 kinds of means, test and debugged a note to undertake demonstrative, the fixed position stability that winds 0 way finally through systematic NC certainly and accuracy are best. 1.

Of the problem put forward to insert tine machine starting, there is firmer demand to main shaft position when stop or undertaking adjustment, if retreat main shaft of the requirement when the knife to go up,stop, also ask when undertaking great distance self-correcting main shaft has quit the position fixedly. I am faced below YKW5165 of company new product is muti_function the machine that insert tine (see a picture 1) main shaft locates the method undertakes discussing accurately. Graph 1 YKW5165 is muti_function this new product main shaft used the machine that insert tine electromotor of servo of Xi Menzi communication serves as motive power unit, as a result of the buy inside this electromotor increment type coder, reason is in cut off the power every time after restarting, no matter before how much is indication position, all can install its afresh for 0, reason is irretentive the unity of electrify around position, the fine that also cannot satisfy pair of main shaft determines a demand. To solve this problem, in debugging a process, experimented early or late method of the following kinds of location. 2.

Be close to switch to locate normally the circumstance falls, use main shaft JOG to run signal, make main shaft moves, when main shaft and go up when stopping switch to contact, switch sends message, disconnect thereby main shaft JOG runs signal, main shaft stops, realize fixed position. But the precision of such fixed position is lower, and repeatability is bad, locate via the test the error is controlled in 3 ° . Additional, the impact that approachs rate of axis of acceptor acceptor of switch orientation way is very big, rate of main shaft stroke is higher, fixed position error is bigger, reason locates means cannot satisfy design requirement this kind. 3.

Because main shaft electromotor takes increment type coder oneself,the 0 pulse of electromotor coder locate, reason can regard main shaft electromotor as electromotor of increment type servo, should detect after exterior switch signal, electromotor looks for 0 pulse again, realize fixed position. But, the decelerate when this axis is designed is compared for 25 ∶ 9, not be integral, through the experiment the proof should locate means also has bigger fixed position error, this method also cannot satisfy reason design requirement. 4.

NC system answers 0 fixed position to become after systematic electrify, when realizing main shaft to decide position control for the first time, use the signal that exterior switch issues above all, system giving NC is answered 0, maintain every time null is consistent, undertake locating controlling again next. Make clear through the experiment, precision of this control means tall, effect is good, satisfy control requirement completely. The process is debugged in fixed position in, need notes the following respects: (1) component choice: Ask the inductive form that chooses high accuracy is close to switch to serve as detecting element, be like Shi Naide XL118-BLPAL5C. The precision that main shaft locates basically depends on the precision that is close to switch, when metal and when be close to switch, be close to switch to generate ascendant edge signal (n + 24 V DC) . (2) join with system of numerical control of Xi Menzi 840D Sl. Will be close to switch output to receive NCU7 × 0.

The 12 feet of the X122 of 2, the 9 feet that hold the ground that is close to switch and X122 in all (see a picture 2) . Graph 2 exterior and adjacent switch hookup   (3) systematic parameter setting: Set phasing to close functional parameter and axial parameter. MD34040=10, main shaft locates with the speed of 8 R/m In; MD34060=720, the search is close to the largest space of switch is 720 ° ; MD35300=10, main shaft is controlled with position of 8 R/min career; MD35350=3, main shaft to fixed position. (4) control program processing: Automatic means leaves fixed position, write machine program to realize fixed position requirement, be like SPOS=0, namely main shaft locates with the speed of 10 R/min 0 ° position; The hand uses the fixed position below means, call FC18 through PLC, realize fixed position. PLC controls a program to be as follows. CALL " SpinCtrl "     Start:=M201.

Stop:= of 0    M201.

Funct:= of 1    Mode:= of B#16#1    B#16#3     AxisNo:=Pos:= of 6    Frate:= of MD220    1.

InPos:= of 000000e+001    M201.

Error:= of 2    M201.

State:= of 3    MB244   main shaft is undertaking answering 0, when fixed position, belong to the position to control mode, the decelerate of main shaft is compared with MD31050[0] , MD31060[0] effective, need sets phasing correctly to close parameter. Answer the control measure of 0 through systematic N C, the fixed position of main shaft gained very good control. 5.

System of epilogue   NC answers 0 fixed position means of this kind of programme controll resolved the demand that stays on main shaft of the machine that insert tine not only, also solved length of this new product stroke automatic fixed position adjusts a problem, and stability of its fixed position and accuracy are better. Unit: Science and technology of Yichang lead aircraft is finite liability company author: Deng Yingcheng Zhou Qinghua CNC Milling