Dry cutting technology reachs his to apply

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From worldwide look, we are creating the period that the technology develops quickly at machinery, cutting machines the fundamental craft that serves as production technology, mix as high speed cutting " green produces a project " put forward and carry out, dry cutting technology already became the heat that people pays close attention to. Traditional wet cutting is heightening cutting efficiency and the effect with lengthened the respect such as tool life to develop main, but cooling fluid and its aftertreatment charge hold cost 16% the left and right sides, and cooling fluid still can endanger environment of worker health, pollution, with can develop the strategy to run in the opposite direction continuously. Compete in the market very intense below the situation that pays attention to environmental protection increasingly with the society, improving efficiency and protective environment is what people's expectations puts in 's charge, do cutting technology arise at the historic moment. Dry cutting advantage does cutting to have the following and distinct advantage: · because need not cooling fluid, reduced manufacturing cost; · is right environmental free from contamination, do not have harm to jockey, be helpful for clean production; · improves cutting efficiency, partial workpiece treatment can come true to be ground with car generation; · rises to be added the exterior quality of workpiece; · suitable scope is wide, car, mill, dig, auger, the high-speed steel cutting tool such as boring machines a domain, dry cutting can exhibit his greatly can. Dry cutting technology applies the high-speed steel broach of coating of example classics TiAlN, the respect such as the quantity rises to undertake actorring or actress choosing in geometrical dimension and tine, use half dry cutting, be in normally below broaching condition, the life of coating broach is compared not coating broach raises 20% above, and quality of surface of the workpiece that be pulled is better also. Use Ø5mm9341 high-speed steel double hind 135 ° grind horn completely make TiAlN coating broach get cut 185HB45 steel, doing cutting, linear velocity 35m/min, drill hole of 16mm deep blind, feed by 0.

10mm/r rises 0.

Below 15mm/r condition, bore number declines by 200 80, relatively not coating broach life raises 1 times, efficiency rises 2 times much. Wu Er of rolling of Ø6mm M2 steel is special broach, classics oxygen nitrogen changes processing, get the 40CrMnMoS spring that cuts HRC31 ~ , doing cutting, linear velocity 25.

2m/min, drill hole of 18mm deep blind, feed 0.

Below 10mm/r condition, bore counts 110 above, it is general collude the norms, 8 ~ that are the same as material qualitative broach, life 10 times. The broach of life of this kind of high-powered longevity, already obtained " product of famous brand of 2006 year China " title, the product is popular and Euramerican the market. Coating of TiN of classics of M35 steel broach, do steel of type broaching 42CrMoV, its life is compared not coating is wet pull rise 3 times much. Use bit of homebred pottery and porcelain hard steel of dry turning temper by dipping in water is very general already, mould industry development is so rapid, greatly also the progress of technology of profit from dry cutting, accelerated a mould to make cycle not only, more important is to raise economic benefits. Contain in P1600/2000 inside data of facewidth of helix angle of 107 tine, 9 modulus, 8 ° , 120mm, 42CrMoS4 processes on the efficient gear-hobbing machine of tine milling head inside tine, the mill that uses dry cutting ages time is) of 135min(one-time cutting, and same excision amount is processed on common machine tool with the method that insert tine, also get 3 days two at least. The dry cutting of crucial technology machine tool of dry cutting is right effect of the heat proof quality of the machine tool, speed that discharge bits, give a dinner of welcome, precision and stiffness raised strict requirement. The cutting tool material of cutting tool tradition -- high-speed steel already faded stage by stage in a lot of domain such as car, mill. Current, the main material of dry cutting cutting tool has exceed fine grained hard alloy, get together brilliant diamond, cubic nitrogen changes brilliant of boracic, SiC to must add pottery and porcelain of pliable but strong and Na Mijing bead pottery and porcelain. The coating technology that studies development gets used to dry cutting has an outlook greatly, technology of coating of TiN, TiAlN cannot satisfy market need far, hardness of pressing demand development is taller, wearability is better, shock-proof, fight wear away the integrated coating with strong capability. Be aimed at the characteristic that dry cutting machines, cutting tool of pulverous high-speed steel should appear on the market in great quantities, the dimension parameter that needs pair of cutting tool at the same time and structure are redesigned or optimize; To machining craft each parameter also must have thorough research. With Ø5mm broach of Wu Er spy is exemple, as bore speed rise, bore number declines apparently, rise by 28m/min when cutting speed to 35m/min when, bore number drops to by 324 120, there also is similar case when other cutting tool does cutting. Doing cutting technology foreground to do cutting processing technique is a revolution of metallic cutting domain, it is a kind of challenge that makes idea and producer type to the tradition, its are popularized and application is sure to cause extensive and far-reaching effect. The foreign research to dry cutting processing technique and applied effect are distinguished, be obvious to all. And our country still is in illuminative phase, difference is too big, luckily government concerns branch, guild and all circles consider the situation, begin to take seriously and popularize dry cutting processing technique gradually, this will be helpful for doing cutting processing technique to get gain ground and rising in our country. CNC Milling